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  • Dear Homeowner: 

    You are in the midst of a relocation plan and will soon be looking for a reliable and experienced Moving Company.

    Each year more customers than ever before are selecting Alessi Moving + Storage for their relocation needs.  Why? the primary reason is our attention to detail guarantees a successful and carefree move.  In other words, we "sweat even the small stuff" so you don't have to.

    Since 1997, Alessi has offered a full array of services including packing, loading and delivery, unpacking and short/long term storage at our climate-controlled warehouse.

    Choosing Alessi Moving is the best move you will ever make.  Just call Cindy (our office/logistics Manager) at (973)208-2400 and she'll be pleased to handle the arrangements for a no-obligation in-home estimate.  


    Chuch Alessandrini, Jr.



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    Monday7:30am - 5:00pm
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    Saturday7:30am - 12:00pm

    Call Today (973)729-2024 or (973)208-2400

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     Alessi Moving is family-owned & operated from Sussex County. Our Attention to detail guarantees your satisfaction. We provide packing & crating services and can move you across town or across the country. We also have containerized storage in our secure, climate-controlled warehouse. Call today for a free, no obligation estimate.

    Call us Today!

    973. 729.2024 or 973.208.2400


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    Madaline V. don't let be fooled...
    don't be fooled by demeanor of Alessi Movers! Chuck is very punctual, knowledgeable and has demeanor of the 'next door' guy. Two of three pieces of my furniture are ok, but the third one got dropped and damaged. Alessi Movers will not stand behind his work. He sold me an insurance that I can't use, because he will not provide the information on who the carrier is. I honestly doubt that the policy even exists, I have found out since that Alessi M is unlicensed to do moves in NJ, please check with Department of Customer Affairs and read this: http://moving-company-guide.com/wanted-larger-fines-for-moving-companies/ I have to replace damaged furniture, hopefully you will do your homework BEFORE you hire them!
    Denise B. Horrible Experience
    The quality and professionalism of this company is a disgrace. I was charged for 3 movers while only 2 actually worked. Cost me over $1,000. They broke my mailbox and never fixed it. A mover took home pieces for one of my shelf units so I have not been able to put some of my belongings away. It's been 2 weeks since I moved and I still do not have those pieces. Another mover removed the support boards off my bedroom entertainment unit because he thought it was 2 pieces when I instructed him that it was only one piece. He told me he would reattach them when they moved the piece to my new place. He did not reattach them. He leaned them against my newly painted walls. I have called numerous times. I was told that someone would come and take care of what was broken and not done. Still waiting...I also had a storage unit prior to this move and never received my security deposit back after getting rid of the storage unit. No one has tried to rectify this situation. I have called and been hung up on. I recently called again and left a message and no one has called me back. I am disgusted. I will NEVER use this company again and I will make sure I write a review on every site possible to spread the word about what a terrible moving company this is.
    Teresa K. Great Move!
    I had a complicated move with 3 stops. They did a great job and the move cost was slightly under the estimate. They were very courteous and worked hard. The office staff was very courteous as well. Thanks to all for a job well done!
    Joe D. Don't move with Alessi
    Broken, lost Items, 4 moves, items tied on top of his car, rented u-hall to small to deliver items, mixed storage with other ppeoples goods. I had to sleep on the floor until he found a bed frame. He said to submit a list of missing and broken items and he would submit to them, did that in December of 2011, still waiting...... For your own godd keep away......
    Joe D. What a move
    I have never had a move like this, broken items, lost items, 4 moves, not one rented u-hall, items straped on top of his oil leaking car, had to sleep on the floor for 6 weeks while he tried to get a bed frame..... Told to give items to his insurance company, he nerve submitted them..... Pick another mover, he is not a good businessman or company.......
    Reahna R. Great experience with Alessi Moving!
    I recently used Alessi Moving for the 2nd time and as with the first move everything went off without a hitch. I can't thank their men enough. They arrived at our home on time, were all as polite as can be, they assured us that it would be a smooth transition even though we still hadn't finished packing. They moved our belongings skillfully and with care. I would highly recommend this company to any of my family or friends who are moving.


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